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Njuškalo Magento 2 extension is specifically developed to facilitate seamless and automated synchronization of product listings from a Magento-based e-commerce store to Njuškalo.hr, one of the leading online marketplaces in Croatia. The extension aims to streamline the process of managing product listings across multiple platforms, reducing the workload and improving efficiency for online retailers.

composer require magelan:module-njuskalo

Key Features:

  • Automated Product Synchronization: Automatically syncs products from the Magento store to Njuškalo.hr, including product details like name, description, price, images, and stock levels.
  • Real-Time Updates: Ensures that any changes made in the Magento inventory (like price updates, stock changes, or product discontinuation) are immediately reflected on Njuškalo.hr.
  • Customizable Product Selection: Offers the ability to select which products to sync with Njuškalo.hr, either individually, by category, or via custom rules.
  • Easy Mapping of Categories: Includes a user-friendly interface for mapping Magento product categories to corresponding categories on Njuškalo.hr, ensuring products are listed under the right sections.
  • Image and Media Sync: Supports the synchronization of multiple images and media files for each product, enhancing the product presentation on Njuškalo.hr.
  • Order Management Integration: Allows for the integration of Njuškalo.hr orders back into the Magento system for centralized order management.
  • Automated Stock Level Adjustment: Automatically adjusts the stock levels on Njuškalo.hr based on sales and inventory changes in the Magento store.
  • Multi-Store Support: Compatible with Magento multi-store setups, allowing different stores to sync their products to the same or different Njuškalo.hr accounts.
  • Customizable Sync Frequency: Users can set the frequency of synchronization as per their needs - hourly, daily, or weekly.
  • Detailed Logging and Reporting: Provides detailed logs and reports for all synchronization activities, helping in troubleshooting and ensuring transparency.

Saves time and effort in managing product listings across multiple platforms.
Enhances product visibility and potential reach on Njuškalo.hr.
Reduces the risk of errors in product information across platforms.
Streamlines the order and inventory management processes.

Compatibility: Designed for Magento 2.x.

Support and Updates: Includes dedicated technical support and regular updates to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of Magento and Njuškalo.hr’s API changes.

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