Datalab PANTHEON is a comprehensive, user-friendly ERP solution designed to streamline business processes across finance, sales, supply chain, and more, enhancing efficiency and providing real-time insights for informed decision-making. It serves as a digital backbone for enterprises, facilitating seamless integration and adaptability to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses.

DataLab PANTHEON is a comprehensive, versatile, and user-friendly business management software designed to streamline and optimize various business processes. It is a robust solution that caters to a wide range of business needs, including finance, human resources, sales, inventory, manufacturing, and more. With its advanced features and integrative capabilities, DataLab PANTHEON enhances efficiency, improves decision-making, and supports the growth of businesses across different industries. Whether for small enterprises or large corporations, it offers scalable solutions that adapt to the unique demands of each business, providing a seamless experience in managing daily operations, strategic planning, and customer relations. With DataLab PANTHEON, businesses gain a reliable tool for navigating the complexities of modern business landscapes, ensuring sustained success and competitiveness in the market.

Retail and Wholesale

  1. DataLab PANTHEON offers specialized solutions for retail and wholesale businesses, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency across various processes.
  2. In retail, the system supports point-of-sale (POS) operations, enabling fast and accurate sales transactions and providing real-time data for inventory and sales analysis.
  3. The wholesale module is designed to handle large volume transactions and complex pricing structures, ensuring smooth operation in high-demand environments.
  4. Both retail and wholesale modules offer robust inventory management, including automatic stock level updates, order tracking, and replenishment alerts.
  5. DataLab PANTHEON facilitates customer relationship management (CRM) in both sectors, allowing for detailed customer profiles, purchase history tracking, and targeted marketing.
  6. The system includes advanced reporting features, providing critical insights into sales trends, customer behavior, and business performance for both retail and wholesale operations.
  7. Pricing and discount management tools within DataLab PANTHEON enable flexible pricing strategies, crucial for staying competitive in both retail and wholesale markets.
  8. Integration with online sales channels and e-commerce platforms in the retail module helps businesses expand their reach and cater to the digital marketplace.
  9. In wholesale, DataLab PANTHEON manages supplier relationships and procurement processes, ensuring efficient supply chain management and cost control.
  10. Overall, DataLab PANTHEON’s tailored functionalities for retail and wholesale empower businesses in these sectors to manage their operations effectively, from sales and customer service to inventory and supplier management.

Orders and Invoices

  1. DataLab PANTHEON provides comprehensive management of orders and invoices, facilitating the processing and monitoring of orders from start to finish for businesses.
  2. The order module includes features for automating order creation, tracking their status, and managing deliveries, increasing efficiency and reducing the possibility of errors.
  3. The system enables easy issuance and management of invoices, including options for electronic invoicing, ensuring accuracy and compliance with legislation.
  4. Inter-warehouse transfers are integrated into the system, allowing for efficient management of stock movements between different locations and warehouses.
  5. The module for inter-warehouse transfers allows for precise tracking and documentation of all transfers, increasing inventory transparency and optimizing stock levels.
  6. DataLab PANTHEON includes tools for managing customs procedures, crucial for businesses engaged in international trade.
  7. The system facilitates the processing of customs declarations and documentation, reducing administrative burden and speeding up the passage of goods across borders.
  8. The integration of customs functions with other modules, such as orders, invoices, and warehousing, ensures a smooth flow of information and improves process efficiency.
  9. Automation and centralization of data in the DataLab PANTHEON system helps businesses in monitoring and managing the financial and logistical aspects of international trade.
  10. Overall, DataLab PANTHEON, with its integrated solutions for orders, invoices, inter-warehouse transfers, and customs, enables businesses to better coordinate, control, and optimize their business processes.

General Ledger

  1. DataLab PANTHEON's General Ledger module is a central aspect of its financial management suite, providing comprehensive tools for managing account statements, balances, and the general ledger.
  2. It enables efficient tracking and management of financial transactions, ensuring all entries are accurately recorded in the general ledger.
  3. The system offers streamlined bank statement integration, allowing for automatic reconciliation and up-to-date financial reporting.
  4. Flexible account structuring within the General Ledger module accommodates various accounting standards and organizational requirements.
  5. Real-time balance tracking is a key feature, providing immediate insight into financial positions and aiding in effective cash flow management.
  6. DataLab PANTHEON's General Ledger supports multi-currency transactions, crucial for businesses operating in the global market.
  7. The module includes advanced reporting capabilities, enabling the creation of detailed financial statements, including income statements and balance sheets.
  8. Budgeting and forecasting tools within the General Ledger allow for accurate financial planning and analysis, supporting strategic decision-making.
  9. Automated financial processes, such as period-end closing and account reconciliations, enhance efficiency and accuracy in financial management.
  10. Overall, DataLab PANTHEON's General Ledger module offers robust financial management capabilities, essential for maintaining accurate financial records, complying with accounting regulations, and driving business growth.

Human Resources

  1. DataLab PANTHEON offers comprehensive Human Resources management features, including payroll, travel orders, and personnel files, streamlining HR processes.
  2. The payroll module is robust and flexible, accommodating various salary structures, benefits, and deductions to ensure accurate and efficient payroll processing.
  3. Travel order management is integrated, simplifying the creation, approval, and accounting of business travel expenses, enhancing compliance and control.
  4. Personnel files within DataLab PANTHEON are organized and secure, allowing for easy storage and retrieval of employee data, contracts, and performance records.
  5. The system offers advanced tools for leave and absence management, ensuring accurate tracking and reporting of employee time off and attendance.
  6. Performance appraisal functionalities enable businesses to systematically evaluate and manage employee performance, aiding in talent development and retention.
  7. DataLab PANTHEON's HR module also includes recruitment and onboarding tools, streamlining the hiring process and improving new employee integration.
  8. Comprehensive reporting capabilities allow for detailed analysis of HR metrics, supporting strategic decision-making and workforce planning.
  9. The system ensures compliance with relevant labor laws and regulations, reducing the risk of legal issues and ensuring ethical HR practices.
  10. Overall, DataLab PANTHEON's HR management tools empower organizations to efficiently handle various HR tasks, from payroll to personnel management, contributing to a more organized and effective HR department.

Material Resource Planning and Warehouse Management

  1. DataLab PANTHEON enables efficient material and warehouse management with integrated solutions that ensure inventory transparency and optimization.
  2. The system offers advanced real-time inventory tracking features, allowing businesses to accurately monitor stock levels and reduce excess or insufficient inventory.
  3. It includes tools for automating ordering and reordering based on consumption analysis and sales forecasts, contributing to more effective inventory management.
  4. Users can create customizable inventory reports, aiding in the analysis of stock trends, material needs assessment, and procurement planning.
  5. DataLab PANTHEON supports tracking of batch numbers and product expiration dates, crucial in industries where product traceability is a legal requirement.
  6. Integration with accounting and sales modules automates and synchronizes processes, reducing errors and increasing productivity.
  7. The system supports management of multiple warehouses and locations, enabling businesses to effectively allocate inventory and optimize storage costs.
  8. Mobile access to inventory data facilitates quick decision-making and access to information anywhere and anytime.
  9. DataLab PANTHEON includes advanced reporting functionalities, allowing companies to monitor and analyze the efficiency of their warehouse operations.
  10. By using DataLab PANTHEON, businesses improve inventory accuracy, optimize warehousing processes, and reduce costs, contributing to greater market competitiveness.


  1. DataLab PANTHEON's maintenance and maintenance planning module is specifically designed to streamline maintenance operations and enhance planning efficiency for businesses.
  2. The system offers comprehensive tools for scheduling routine maintenance tasks, ensuring timely and consistent upkeep of equipment and facilities.
  3. It includes an integrated asset management feature, allowing businesses to track the condition and performance of their equipment and assets.
  4. DataLab PANTHEON facilitates predictive maintenance by analyzing trends and historical data, helping to prevent breakdowns and extend asset life.
  5. The module supports the creation and management of detailed maintenance work orders, streamlining the workflow from request to completion.
  6. Real-time monitoring capabilities within the system provide instant updates on maintenance activities, enabling quick responses to emerging issues.
  7. DataLab PANTHEON's maintenance planning tools allow for efficient allocation of resources, including personnel and materials, optimizing the overall maintenance process.
  8. The system offers comprehensive reporting and analytics for maintenance operations, providing insights into maintenance costs, downtime, and performance metrics.
  9. Integration with other modules, such as inventory management, ensures that maintenance teams have the necessary parts and supplies, reducing delays.
  10. Overall, DataLab PANTHEON's maintenance and maintenance planning module equips businesses with the tools needed to maintain high operational standards, ensuring the reliability and longevity of their assets.


  1. DataLab PANTHEON's manufacturing module adeptly handles both simple and complex manufacturing processes, tailoring its capabilities to diverse production requirements.
  2. For simple manufacturing, the system streamlines production workflows, ensuring efficient management of resources and straightforward manufacturing operations.
  3. In complex manufacturing scenarios, DataLab PANTHEON manages multiple stages of production, handling intricate workflows, and diverse component requirements with ease.
  4. The module supports the creation and management of production series, enabling manufacturers to track batches and production runs efficiently.
  5. Integration of barcode technology within the system facilitates accurate tracking of materials and products throughout the manufacturing process.
  6. DataLab PANTHEON's manufacturing module includes advanced planning and scheduling tools, allowing for precise coordination of production activities and resource allocation.
  7. The system provides detailed insights into manufacturing costs and efficiency, helping businesses optimize production and reduce waste.
  8. Quality control features are embedded in the manufacturing process, ensuring that products consistently meet the set standards and specifications.
  9. DataLab PANTHEON enables seamless integration with supply chain management, ensuring timely procurement of raw materials and effective management of inventory levels.
  10. Overall, DataLab PANTHEON's manufacturing module is designed to enhance productivity and efficiency in manufacturing, whether it's for simple or complex processes, thereby enabling businesses to maintain high standards in production and product quality.
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