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The reason it seems that price is all your customers care about is that you haven’t given them anything else to care about. - Seth Godin

About Magento

Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. It offers a great pallet of different functionalities and possibilities for developing additional extensions. So, the system can be completely tailored according to customer's needs. If clients choose web store development based on Magento technology, they will get quick and powerful solution, and their web stores will sell products on their own.

Advantages of Magento web stores

Create competitive advantages

It is universal - how much you invest in a system, that much you get back. So, you need to invest time, energy and funds to convert browsers to users and buyers, and earn their trust. The major difference between Magento and other web stores is that with Magento you will shorten this process and you will reach your goals in more productive way - saving money, time and energy. Magento stores offer marketing activities which follow purchase flow and guide customers through it. You will be able to include pre and post purchase marketing activities that will boost your web store traffic and conversions.

Give us a chance and we will prove to you that we are the best choice!

Why?  All we do - we do in the optimal way and with interests of our customers always on our mind. Additionally, when web stores are in question, our solutions are based on final customers' need and wants and our great knowledge of consumer buying behavior. 
Using the right technology and great marketing knowledge, we turn your browsers into faithful buyers.
We are sure that you will save money if you choose Magento. 

 Magento stores sell your products 24/7 - no employee can do that.
Our web stores, with special combination of user-friendly functionalities seduce even the most indecisive customers.
We offer you sophisticated, interactive and beautifully designed web stores, that are tailored to your special business needs.

What? Are you still thinking about it? Contact us and we will gladly prepare special web solution just for you.

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  • Magento - BRONZE

    Magento - BRONZE

    Magento BRONZE package is for companies just setting up an online store . Affordable and extremely beneficial package allows an enterprise to start an online store with minimal costs.

    Your online store will be implemented within a few days.

  • Magento - SILVER

    Magento - SILVER

    Magento SILVER package is intended for businesses that want customized graphic design for their online store. Affordable package includes graphic adaptation of the online store according to the customer's own design and system configuration.

    Your online store will be implemented within a few days .

  • Magento - GOLD

    Magento - GOLD

    Magento GOLD package is most appropriate for businesses that want web store with custom professional graphic design. Affordable package includes custom graphic design, advanced system configuration and custom functional extensions.

    Your online store can be implemented within a few weeks.

  • Magento - PLATINUM

    Magento - PLATINUM

    Magento PLATINUM package is intended for the companies with complex graphical image. Package includes design of graphical template following your specifications, complex system configuration and implementation of specified functional extensions.

    You can have your web shop in a few weeks.


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