Mobile Applications

Mobilne aplikacije

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. - Arthur C. Clarke

Everything is mobile these days

Do you know...

  • That more people visits web pages via their mobile devices than via computers?
  • That mobile phones are really computes that allow us to perform variety of functions, for which we used to need PCs?
  • That mobile market is one of the fastest developing markets in the world?
  • That soon to become widely used IoT (Internet Of Things) will connect all world's devices together?
  • That sensors on mobile devices collect wast amount of different, interesting and useful data?
  • That with the use of Google Play store, the global market is practically on the palm of your hand?

Mobile apps help you enter the mobile world.

App categories

If you are thinking of creating your own mobile application we would gladly develop it for you using almost any technology. We will also advise you on how to reach positive ROI as soon as possible and start making profit.

We develop for you:

  • Business and data apps
  • Educational apps
  • Gaming apps
  • Apps based on augmented reality technology, and much more...

We support development of your mobile app from the very beginning until the end.

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  • ANDROID applications

    ANDROID applications

    Mobile application development for Android platform.

    The package represents a starter package for configuring the development environment and services including 4 working days.

  • WINDOWS Mobile Aplikacije

    WINDOWS Mobile Aplikacije

    Razvoj mobilnih aplikacij na Windows Mobile platformi.

    Paket predstavlja starter paket za konfiguracijo razvojnega okolja ter storitev v okviru 4 delovnih dni. 


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