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We are aware that websites are your most effective marketing tool. Therefore, we undertake projects of creating or renovating the website comprehensively.

First of all, we listen to your desires and ideas, and then we begin to optimize the website and set it up. We can help you with the design, we advise how to make the site more functional, after all, we can also make a marketing plan for the promotion of the website, your services and / or products. You can monitor the project on the development server.




On the basis of your wishes and vision, we create an online store that convinces the visitor with a thoughtful composition of content and functionality, but at the same time offers a pleasant user experience. Our goal is to make an optimum online store that makes it easier for the user to purchase.

Trust us and we will prove that we can boil your wishes and vision into a top-notch online store.








If you are thinking about web or mobile application, we can offer development on all platforms. We will advise you how to get the ROI as soon as possible (return on investment) and start making a profit.

We can develop for you business and data applications, educational applications, games and AR (Augmented Reality).






Online marketing is very important. Website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, various portals, blogs ... here are just a few tools for successful online marketing that can attract a wider circle of customers.

We can assist you in designing a marketing plan, we advise you to write an article or just explain the basic features and tools of some online network.







Do you need a business system or you just need to upgrade it? Not only it will eliminate the number of human errors, reduce the storage space of documents or guide you through a specific process, we can offer you much more.

The business system will be automatically linked to the updating of legislation, which means that you will always be in a position to keep in line with the new rules, guidelines and laws. You can also (to a certain extent) complement the business system by yourself, if you wish.

The business system will be manufactured or upgraded according to your wishes and needs.






For all our customers we provide direct support within the selected package. Thus, in case of any problems, they can contact us.

Assistance is provided within the agreed scope and response time. Costumers with signed maintenance agreement claims help in the HelpDesk system. We also offer direct support through remote desktop, Skype, TeamViewer or by customer’s visit at our location.