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  • We are a long-standing partner of DataLab PANTHEON (business management program). If you need upgrading, extending or integrating with external systems, do not hesitate. Call us!
  • Redesign is a European project linking Erasmus students across Europe. In cooperation with Cyprus, United Kingdom and Romania, we have created an online application similar to Facebook for educational purposes.

  • Nu me is an online store where you can find tips and products for better nutrition, as well as exercise and motivational plans. For them, we created an online store that is changing lives of many women!

  • Prelest is a house of beauty and health. For them, we created an online store that offers a range of cosmetic services and Illamasqua products, British make-up brand, created by various influences. One of these is the dark and banned roots of the Berlin period of the 20th century and the rich legacy of film and theatre cosmetic production.

  • In our store, you can find the modules for online shop Magento that we have created ourselves. Their purpose is to best suit your customers' needs. We are trying to add new ones all the time and thus enable even a richer user experience. If you cannot find the module you want, contact us and we will find a solution for your problem together!

  • SwatyComet is a giant of Slovenian production and one of the largest manufacturers of grinding tools in the world. For them we created a web presentation based on Typo3 technology, with developed additional additions in six languages.

  • A1 Slovenia d.d. is one of the leading telecommunication companies in Slovenia offering innovative telecommunication solutions. For A1 we have implemented service pages in connection with the integration into the heterogeneous information system with the development of dynamic web services.

  • Slovenski podjetniški sklad (Slovenian Enterprise Fund) is a more important institution for stimulating the economy in Slovenia. For them, we developed a system of electronic roles with integration into the backend system and the entire implementation of the business information system.

  • The pharmaceutical company Roche is the leader in the world of research and treatment, especially in the field of oncology. For them, we have developed a comprehensive system for managing staff, rolling stock, payment cards and for developing and optimizing work through online travel orders in Sencha technology.

Clients' opinions


Our long term cooperation has always been very fruitful and goes back to the past. For all IT issues we contact them.


Dejan ŠumakCEO @ Paradajz d.o.o. 


Together, we have made a production renewal. We also used their software solution that supports our business. 


Andrej PulkoTech manager @ Kager Hiša d.o.o. 


Alcyone upgraded our website that is now based on Typo3 technology and is integrated with our backyard systems. 


Andrej KoletičCEO @ Mint International House Ljubljana d.o.o. 


Alcyone made our wonderful website. It turned out that today only this brings us the majority of customers. We trust them very much. 


Jurij KutnjakAttorney


With Alcyone we nurture long-term cooperation, especially in the field of web store. They are the best in this.


Ambrož JarcCEO @ Liger d.o.o.


They have helped us many times with more complex solutions and implementations in the DataLab PANTHEON.


Žarko GermekCEO @ APH d.o.o.