Support for PayWiser payments

12/10/2015  |  News  |  Bojan Kraut
New payment sistem PayWiser enables Magento credit card payments as also Moneta payments. Payment module for Magento directly integrates PayWiser into the shopping cart and simplifies payment process in your Magento. WIth PayWiser payments are easier and faster. Prikaži več»

Mipro 2015 - Improving education experience with Augmented Reality (AR)

6/3/2015  |  News  |  Bojan Kraut

We have attended international convention Mipro 2015, where we presented two papers. One of our presentations was about great results of our ARAVET project, which connects Augmented Reality and Education. Main goal of the project is to improve learning experience.

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Mipro 2015 Convention - Cloud services and Marketing

5/4/2015  |  Events  |  Jelena Jeknić

We are attending 38th International Convention on Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics - Mipro 2015. We will be presenting two papers: Cloud services and Marketing, section DE-GLGPS - Digital Economy and Government/Local Government/Public Services and Improving education experience with Augmented Reality, section CE - Computers in Education

Come to Mipro 2015 to see us.

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We revamped SwatyComet's web page

3/17/2015  |  News  |  Bojan Kraut

To follow latest web technology guidelines, upon existing Typo3 installation, a new responsive design was installed in SwatyComet's web page. Thanks to great web page and successful business management, SwatyComet is keeping its top position in world's market of artificial abrasives and technical fabrics.

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